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The Winter Olympics Team Figure Skating Event starts tonight, but we want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our skaters who participated in the Empire State Games.

You skated wonderfully, and we are so proud to have you representing us!

Manasa Bala, 1st place, Pre-Juvenile Test Track

Lauren Czubek, 4th place, Pre-Preliminary Test Track

Ava Denisco, 2nd place, High Beginner

Erin Dooley, 1st place, Preliminary Test Track

Elicia Esmeris, 5th place, High Beginner

Brady Hills, 1st place, Preliminary Test Track

Grace Huffam, 5th place, Pre-Preliminary Test Track

Katie Ignatz, 1st place, Pre-Juvenile Test Track

Prapti Mishra, 4th place, High Beginner

Corinne Rosi-Moon, 4th place, High Beginner

Ava Zakrzewski, 5th place, Juvenile IJS

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