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Skating Tests Passed - Jan/Feb 2018

Congratulations to all of our HMFSC skaters who passed tests in January & February! We are proud of your hard work and determination.

Skaters testing at Saratoga Springs FSC, January 2018

Katie Ignatz - Swing Dance, Fiesta Tango

Ava Zakrzewski - Fiesta Tango, Hickory Hoedown, Intermediate Moves in Field

Skaters testing at Uncle Sam FSC, February 2018

Manasa Bala - Intermediate Moves in Field

Brady Hills - Preliminary Free Skate

Grace Huffam - Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Mackenzie Julien - Intermediate Moves in Field

Thomas Molloy - Preliminary Moves in Field

Mackenzie Roarke - Swing Dance, Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango

Alvira Tiyagi - Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Ada Wu - Intermediate Moves in Field

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