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Garren Results!

Elena Kaplan-Gold Pre Preliminary Showcase

Elena Kaplan-PrePreliminary Well Balanced FS 5th

Elena Kaplan-Gold Pre Preliminary Artistic

Grace Huffam-Gold Preliminary Step Sequences

Brady Hills-Gold Pre-Juvenile Artistic

Ava Rose Zakrewski-Gold Intermediate Spins Challenge

Grace Huffam-Gold Preliminary Spins Challenge

Anastacia Ferrando-Gold No Test spins Challenge

Brady Hills-Gold Preliminary Jumps Challenge

Anastacia Ferrando-Gold PrePreliminary Jumps Challenge

Grace Huffam-Silver PrePreliminary Jumps Challenge

Sydney Robison-Silver High Beginner Jumps Challenge

Ava Denisco-Gold No Test Jumps Challenge

Shaleigh Levesque-Gold Excel Pre Juvenile Plus Free Skate

Manasa Bala-Silver Excel Juvenile Free Skate

Brady Hills-Gold Excel Pre- Juvenile Free Skate

Erin Dooley-BronzeExcel Pre-Juvenile Free Skate

Isabella Hu-Gold Excel Preliminary Free Skate

Hannah Park-Silver Excel Preliminary Free Skate

Ava Nage-4th Excel Beginner Free Skate

Kendra Fox Shaddock-5th Excel Beginner Free Skate

Grace Huffam-Gold Excel PrePreliminary Free Skate

Prapi Mishra-Bronze Excel PrePreliminary Free Skate

Sofia Bane-Gold Excel Pre Preliminary Free Skate

Sydney Robison-Silver Excel Beginner Free Skate

Ava Denisco-Bronze Excel High Beginner Free Skate

Alena Harriman-Silber Excel High Beginner Free Skate

Sara Manore-Bronze Excel High Beginner Free Skate

Alfred Sun-Gold Pre Free Boys Basic Program with Music

Emma Lansley-Gold Pre Free Skate Basic Program with Music

Sydney Leone-Bronze Pre Free Skate Basic Program with Music

Vanessa Coleman-Gold Basic 6 Program with Music

Sophia Brothers-Silver Basic 6 Program with Music

Claire Qiu-Bronze Basic 6 Program with Music

Carson O’Donoghue-Silver Basic 4 Program with Music

Amelia Muldoon-4th Basic 4 Program with Music

Amelia Murphy-Silver Basic 3 Program with Music

Charlotte Mathis-Silver Basic 1 Program with Music

Milania Vazzana-Bronze Basic 1 Program with Music

Emma Leyhane-Gold Snowplow Sam Basic Program with Music

Venessa Coleman-Gold Basic 6 Compulsory No Music

Sydney Leone-Gold Pre Free Skate Basic Elements Compulsory No Music

Kate O’Connor-Silver Basic 2 Elements Compulsory No Music

Ainslie Bowdy-Bronze Basic Elements/Compulsory No Music

Harmony Trop-4th Basic 2 Elements/Compulsory No Music

Charlotte Mathis-Gold Basic 1 elements/Complusory No Music

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