• Stacey Hills, HMFSC

3/10/2020 - RPI Ice Update

Hi Everyone,

As you may have heard, RPI has suspended all campus events effective today. This means that HMFSC has no ice for our remaining activities from Wednesday 3/11 - Sunday 3/22.

YOUR BOARD IS WORKING ON SEVERAL SOLUTIONS. These include moving activities to alternate area rinks (Clifton Park, Albany County, etc), exploring alternative event dates and getting updated county information related to group events.

  • There is no RPI freestyle on Wednesday 3/11 (tomorrow). We are confirming ice presently for 3/12, and will post a notification of rink and time as soon as we can.

  • Our goal is to have a fully updated schedule by Thursday morning 3/12 for freestyle, learn to skate, the Garren, the Garren test session and sk8 to eliminate.

We will keep everyone updated. Thank you!


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