• Stacey Hills, HMFSC

Mayor's Cup here we come!

The HMFSC Exhibition Team is excited to perform at the 8th Annual Mayor's Cup this weekend at the Albany Times Union Center. Special Thanks to the RPI Men's and Women's Hockey Teams and the RPI Houston Fieldhouse for the invitation!

The 2019-2020 Exhibition Team is facilitated by Swiss Ice Dance Champion, international competitor and HMFSC professional David De Fazio with the assistance of USFS Double Gold Medalist and HMFSC professional Gabby Hunter.

This exciting and unique group skating opportunity is open to all skaters who have passed Preliminary Moves in the Field or higher, regardless of club affiliation. The team’s skating combines aspects of theater on ice, synchronized skating, ice dance, freestyle and creative movement to produce original performance pieces while improving fundamental skating skills.

New skaters are always welcome. Please contact for information.

Team performance at 2019 Holiday Happiness, RPI Fieldhouse. Photo credit: Doug Hills

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