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Testing at HMFSC

Test sessions are an opportunity for skaters to demonstrate their skills and move up the US Figure Skating test ranks in Skating Skills, Freestyle and Dance.    Test Levels As of July 1, 2023

Ice Texture
Ice Texture


Pre Preliminary and Preliminary MITF & Freeskate

During club ice, contact: Tommie Palladino, Test Chair


Download required forms:            

Test Application & Fees

Reduced Fees For HMFSC members! Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills and Freeskate $25.

Changes to Timeline for Submitting IJS Protocols

Approved by Governing Council this past May, the time allowed to submit an IJS protocol for test credit has been reduced from 365 days to 14 days. Now that skaters can test higher than their competition level, there is no longer a reason for skaters to delay submitting a protocol for test credit. The hope is that shortening the timeline and keeping it consistent with the timing for submission of other test results will reduce the risk of skaters losing track of their paperwork. The home club test chair does not need to process the test credit paperwork within 15 days of the competition in which the requirements were achieved but must process the paperwork within 30 days of paperwork receipt.

Reminders for Virtual Tests

Here are just a few reminders regarding virtual test sessions:

  1. All tests must be videoed within 14 days of the announced test date.

  2. We will be introducing a new form that each skater must show in the video (This will ensure that videos are not used for multiple test sessions).

  3. Remember that the time AND date must be shown on an electronic device in the video.

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