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2022-2023 Qualifying Season Kickoff Announcements

Here is the official announcement. Highlights: Junior Freeskate, Component Changes

View in browser As of today, we have officially kicked off the 2022-23 U.S. Figure Skating Qualifying Season and, through this communication, we are sharing important updates coming out of the ISU Congress (June), in addition to reminders from Governing Council (May) to help athletes, coaches and officials navigate this new season and beyond. Please review the details provided in full. Questions can be directed to ISU Congress Updates (effective today, July 1)

  • For the junior men’s and women’s well-balanced free skates and junior free skate test, the step sequence is replaced with a choreographic sequence. (The step sequence remains a requirement for the junior men’s and women’s short programs.)

  • The ISU has changed the definitions of jump sequences and choreographic sequences for singles and pairs as follows:

    • A jump sequence consists of two or three jumps of any number of revolutions, in which the second and/or the third jump is an Axel type jump with a direct step from the landing curve of the first/second jump into the take-off curve of the Axel jump.

    • A choreographic sequence consists of at least two different movements like spirals, arabesques, spread eagles, Ina Bauers, hydroblading, any jumps with maximum of two revolutions, spins, etc. Steps and turns may be used to link the two or more different movements together.

    • As a change to the short program rules for men and women, unlisted jumps (any number of revolutions) and listed jumps (with maximum one revolution) may be included in the step sequence without any penalties. Listed jumps of not more than one revolution included in the sequence will not be called and will not occupy a box.

    • As a result of changes made by the ISU, the twizzle requirements for the novice and intermediate partnered free dance have changed. Please see Technical Notification 277 for details.

  • The ISU and U.S. Figure Skating will use three components for all IJS events, with the exception of solo dance and the 2022 National Excel Final and Festival, which will continue to follow their respective series handbooks for the 2022 season through the conclusion of their events. The new components are composition, presentation and skating skills for short programs, rhythm dances and free skates. For pattern dance, the new components are timing, presentation and skating skills. Click on the links below to view the new charts:

    • Program component chart for short programs, rhythm dances and free skates

    • Program component chart for pattern dances

Adjustment to Level of Difficulty/Scale of Value & Definitions As a reminder, U.S. Figure Skating posts ISU Communications on the U.S. Figure Skating Members Only site as soon as possible after information is posted by the ISU. After logging into the site, information can be found by clicking on the main menu (the three white lines in the upper left corner), selecting “Skating Opportunities,” then selecting the applicable discipline (i.e., “Singles”), and then selecting “Skating Rules & Resources.” The following communications will be utilized for the 2022-23 season that began today: All Disciplines



Ice Dance

We recommend checking the applicable Rules & Resources pages on the Members Only site at least once a week for updates. Tip: The latest updates are listed at the top of each Rules & Resources page, as well as in the Recent Members Only Updates box near the bottom of the Members Only home page. Governing Council Reminders

  • The National Qualifying Series EMS Application is now open for athletes to register for the qualifying season. Registration is managed in tiers and the current window is open through July 15 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

    • For additional information, review the NQS Athlete Handbook.

  • Changes to tests (levels/names) and decoupling from competition has an implementation date of July 2023 and is not in-play this season.

    • Athletes/teams are permitted to skate-up ONE level in NQS and have through the conclusion of the Series to meet the test requirements.

  • The 2022-23 U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook will be published the week of July 5. It is the responsibility of all members to familiarize themselves with rule changes.

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