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2024-25 Singles Season Begins March 5

2024-25 Singles Season Begins March 5


Historically, there has been a period in the spring where some competitions used the current season's rules and other competitions moved to the following season’s rules. In an effort to address this inconsistency, the Athlete Services Group has created a mandatory competition season start date for each discipline. 


As a reminder, the start date for singles competitions on the well-balanced track will be the first Tuesday in March. 


For the 2024-25 season, that date is March 5.


The 2024-25 singles short program and free skate charts have been posted on the Program Requirements page. The bonus chart, domestic calling clarifications and chart detailing who is responsible for deductions for singles will also be updated on the Singles Rules & Resources page on Members Only by March 5.


The discipline committees are currently reviewing the draft proposals for the ISU Congress in June and may need to make additional changes. After March 5, if any changes are adopted, those changes will be communicated through a Technical Notification.  


Information regarding pairs, ice dance, and synchronized disciplines will be shared at a later date. 


Please feel to reach out to with any questions. 


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