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Skaters and professionals are required to observe all ice rules, demonstrate courteous behavior and be considerate of other skaters and professionals at all times!

A - General

  1. Members and guests should remain in the general area of the ice and refrain from wandering through the building. For safety reasons, skaters are discouraged from going beyond the second row of seats in the stands with skates on.

  2. Safe skating will be rigorously enforced. The Session Supervisor is authorized to order any person from the ice for cause.

  3. Entry onto the ice surface must be made through specified access points in the barrier.

  4. All skaters who have not passed Pre-preliminary moves in the field should stay with their coach at all times.

  5. There is to be no reckless skating, no playing "tag", no racing, and no "horseplay."

  6. As a safety factor skaters and professionals are asked not to chew gum on the ice. No food or drink is allowed on the ice.

  7. No more than three people may skate together in a group during a general session of the Learn to Skate or Advanced Sessions.

  8. Standing on the ice to talk is not permitted. If a skater wants to carry on a conversation, he or she should move to the barrier or leave the ice.

  9. After a fall, the skater should get up as quickly as possible to avoid injury to or from passing skaters.

  10. Look out for other skaters. Always be alert to the moves of skaters and professionals.

  11. Skaters should leave the ice in order to make adjustments to skates.

  12. Equipment, clothing is not to be left in the walkways or on the stairs.


B - Guests During Freestyle Sessions

  1. Members and professionals must personally call the Session Supervisor before bringing a guest to a session.

  2. Members and professionals are responsible for accompanying their guests and seeing that they observe all HMFSC ice rules.

  3. Members and professionals will be responsible for all fees of non-members (membership and/or ice fees).

  4. There is to be no reckless skating, no playing "tag", no racing, and no "horseplay."

  5. For guests and club members alike, the entire session must be purchased and paid for in advance, regardless of whether or not the entire session is skated. If you call ahead (and you should) to reserve ice time and you do not attend, you will be responsible for the payment of that session.

  6. Guest skating fees: $20per hour.

C - Playing Programs

  1. Mp3's and CDs are not the responsibility of the session supervisor.

  2. The session supervisor will work out a system to provide each skater with an opportunity to have his/her program played.

  3. When a skater is doing his/her program, all other skaters and professionals should field to that skater.

  4. A week before testing or competition, the session supervisor may give priority to those skaters testing or competing.

  5. If a skater falls during his or her program, the music may not be restarted. The skater should continue the program. This is good practice for a test or competition.

For further clarification or interpretation of ice rules,
contact a member of the Rules and Ice Committee.


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