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RPI Houston Field House-Safety Information

Are you associated with HMFSC, If you are skater attending a scheduled session, a parent of a skater or visitor to RPI Houston Field House. if so

The following information is set in place to ensure the safety and usage of

RPI Houston Field House in affiliation with HMFSC. It is imperative for those associated to read below. From HMFSC and RPI, we appreciates your cooperation.

  • The building opens 30 minutes before each scheduled sessions.

  • (5:30pm Wed, 7:00am Sat and 8:30am Sun)

  • Please enter on the south side of the building (not the main front entrance)

  • All HMFSC skaters, staff, and other visitors are to remain on the south side of the rink. Do not use or walk on the north side bleachers

In the event of an emergency, it is important to keep everyone safe!

Please exit through the south side entrance and cross the road to the parking area.

  • If a class was in progress, skaters should stay with their coaches until attendance has been taken.

  • Then they can then be released with their parent/guardian.

  • If a freestyle session was in progress, skaters & coaches should check with the rink monitor before leaving

Rink Closing Information

  • If RPI closes, the Houston Fieldhouse will be closed.

  • We seldom cancel classes or freestyle sessions. IF a cancellation takes place:

  • HMFSC Skaters/Parents will be notified by the email provided on your membership registration

  • Notification will be listed on the HMFSC calendar, and an email sent to those who have signed up for the website mailing list

  • An Announcement will be posted on the HMFSC main page (

  • An Announcement will be posted on the HMFSC Facebook page

Seating Area Safety for Skaters

  • No skater should be above the 2nd row of bleachers in their skates.

  • Parents may carry skaters to higher rows

  • Any skater walking to the 2nd row of bleachers in their skates MUST wear skate guards (concrete ruins blades)

  • Please walk, don't run

Any questions may be directed to the volunteers at the sign-in/concession

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