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  • Tommie Palladino, HMFSC Board President

A Garren Thank You

Dear Parents, Skaters and Coaches of Hudson Mohawk,

Many thanks for your support in making the 35th Garren such success in so many ways.

Thank you to John Colligan , Jim Roark ,Kevin Pryor and Donna Roarke for spending the last 3 days at the rink helping with so many of the tasks that are last minute.

To all the pros who donated their time and helped in donating food for the concession many thanks. To the parents as well, thank you.

To Heliena for taking care of the officials, thank you.

To CharlieAnne for covering the crowded Wednesday night and Friday night session and for being a super ice monitor!

What can I say about the trio at Registration other than you were all outstanding.

Sue impressed us with being heard over the Zamboni during the awards!

To ALL the members who competed and helped their Home Club win the Palladno Trophy! Each skater won points in keeping the trophy in our home rink. I am proud of each of you!

To our Houstonettes…. What a great skate and critique you had. I am especially proud of each of you for your hard work and ;dedication. . You were so good! I am proud of you and your coach and your manager!

Our runners came though and will be so much more experienced next year! Good team work.

Our competitor gifts were so popular. All the skaters loved them. Thank you Laurie Brannigan.

Thank you Stacey and Doug for all the last minute announcements and for an outstanding program.

Thank you Rachel and John for spending the entire day with us announcing and handling the music.

Now, on to our Saturday Short Spring Session.

I hope to have a small test session at the Albany County Facility May 6.

See you next Saturday.

Mrs. P

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