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What has changed?

  • Moves in the Field ->Skating Skills

  • Free skate -> Singles Pre-juvenile through senior tests have been renamed to reflect a bronze, silver and gold path

  • For all pattern dances, skaters may choose lead or follow track

  • The congratulatory test email is being revamped, so you can celebrate your skating journey accomplishments with your friends! Starting in August, these will go out monthly to include social sharing assets, store discounts and more to celebrate your achievement

What does this mean for you as a skater?

  • The name changes do not directly affect the elements within each test.

    • To access the latest test requirements, please visit the Rules and Bylaws page on the U.S. Figure Skating website.

  • We encourage you to take tests to continually challenge yourself and your skating skills. Tests become more difficult as you advance, so each test passed is a huge accomplishment and cause for celebration!

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