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Tests Passed!

Test sessions were a big hit for HMFSC skaters this season! With the lack of competitions, skaters spent time honing their individual skills in free skate, moves in the field, and dance. We are so proud of all of our skaters who endured the ups and downs of the 2020-2021 season, and who stuck it out to accomplish passing a test! Some of our skaters passed not only one - but multiple tests this season! What an accomplishment! Congratulations!

Saratoga FSC Test Date November 20, 2020

Preliminary MIF

  • Alena Harriman

  • Ava Nagy

Pre-Preliminary MIF

  • Sophia Brothers

  • Joseph Riganti

Hudson-Mohawk FSC Test Date March 27, 2021

Pre-Preliminary MIF

  • Adrianna Denio

  • Alfred Sun

Preliminary MIF

  • Sophia Brothers

Juvenile MIF

  • Prapti Mishra

  • Debbie Sheppard

Novice MIF

  • Johanna Zowada

Junior MIF

  • Brady Hills

Pre-Preliminary Freestyle

  • Alfred Sun

Pre-Juvenile Freestyle

  • Isabella Hu

Juvenile Freestyle

  • Bailey Thibodeau

Intermediate Freestyle

  • Hannah Park

Pre-Silver Dance

  • Debbie Sheppard - European Waltz

Preliminary Dance

  • Sara Manore - Dutch Waltz, Rhythm Blues

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